Forno Us - Foodservice Experts




We provide large-scale retailers with dedicated food products for assisted sales or take away, or for restaurant premises within stores, in line with the new trends in food consumption.


We are foodservice experts. We provide every channel with a dedicated range and tailor-made products.

Steps in the development of tailor-made products

We look for solutions designed and built on the needs of key clients, thanks to our constant investment in innovation.


  • - Development of recipe and ingredients variations
  • - Development of decoration and presentation variations
  • - Development of special products for various occasions according to standard formats and volumes



A range of products designed for your bar-cafeteria that celebrate the morning ritual most loved by Italians. And not only: Forno d'Asolo offers a wide range of sweet and savory specialties for every meal and snack, from breakfast to the all Italian aperitif.


Attract your customers with an explosion of aromas and flavors. For the bakery sector, Forno d'Asolo offers a wide range of breads, baked products and pastry, focaccia bread and calzoni, with all the quality and fragrance that are our company’s trademarks.


Pamper your customers with a luscious range. Forno d'Asolo offers a wide selection of delicious pastries and savory finger food. For breakfast or a break at work, for a snack or with an aperitif, our assortment satisfies every requirement of modern confectioners.


Morning has never been so sweet with the range of products for hotels selected by Forno d'Asolo, aimed at satisfying every taste: sweet pastry to be baked in the oven, cornetti and vegan pastries, regional specialties and much more, including a savory breakfast, in perfect Italian style.


Desserts are that final and scrumptious touch of a lunch or dinner, chosen to indulge in a delicious and rewarding experience. Forno d'Asolo offers a wide range of products for your restaurant: cakes and pies, including vegan pies, creamy cakes, layered cakes and cheesecakes, maxi pies and slab cakes, milk puddings and custards, assorted pastries.