A training curriculum targeted at personal growth

Forno D'Asolo Acedemy was created in 2014. Its aim is to lead Horeca operators and shop managers to increase the business and consumer satisfaction through a training programme: this means they can learn how to handle products across the whole process, from cold storage to display and service.

Increasing final customer satisfaction, while inspiring loyalty among new clients and create new use occasions are the goals we intend to pursue with our clients.

A group growth that fits the strategy of Forno d' Asolo targeted at consolidating the leading position in Italian sweet and savoury bakery product excellence.

Academy of taste

improving your business


The training process of the Academy implies a thorough analysis of several subjects, including

definition of the ideal selection to be displayed in the point of sale;

efficient management of the refrigerated area;

oven correct usage and baking process optimization in accordance with the the oven types;

personalisation and customisation of products using fillings and finishes;

suggestions to add a personal and pleasant touch to product display in the window, by changing the selection depending on the moment of the day;